Whiskeys for Whiskers 2020

Whiskey Barrels

The Whiskeys for Whiskers planning team met Sunday March 15th and, while we hoped to announce Monday March 16th that we were holding steady on our planned April 25th event date, with the new CDC recommendation Sunday evening, we have reevaluated that decision.

Thankfully, we had already been working with our various vendors in preparation of a date change. Our new date is Saturday, August 29th. We will be adjusting our “no refund” policy to allow for ticket refunds due to this change so if you find that the new date is not convenient for your attendance, please contact us by April 30th for a refund.

Our mission is to generate funds for some of the most deserving animal welfare organizations in our region and we still plan to do that, just not in April. This decision was made with the safety and welfare of all participants in mind. All sponsor obligations will still be met, and, in fact, possibly exceeded as far as social media posts. All expenses will still be paid by those generous sponsors and by the sponsors yet to come. All proceeds from the event will still go to our partner rescue organizations. We still know how to throw a party and we won’t disappoint you!

Thank you all so much for your support. It is our hope that every one of you and your loved ones will remain safe and well during these unprecedented times, and always. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and concerns. Stay tuned to our social media and email distributions for future updates, sales, and events. Exciting things are coming, and we want you to remain in-the-know.

 Saturday August 29th   6pm -10pm

      Whiskeys for Whiskers is the brainchild of a few ladies who wanted to contribute to the world of animal rescue in the Upstate of South Carolina. We had all volunteered for one organization or another at some point and experienced major burnout. As you may know, the world of rescue can be infinitely rewarding, but it can also be heartbreakingly frustrating. After a few years’ hiatus, throwing support behind different organizations on a smaller scale than that of a full volunteer, we wanted to step back into a bigger role. The trouble was, there are so many amazing organizations in this area, we couldn’t pick just one! Since we had all had some experience in event planning and enjoyed it (and all had some experience in drinking liquor and enjoyed it) we picked some of our favorite non-profit animal welfare organizations as beneficiaries and Whiskeys for Whiskers was born!


      At the event, local craft distilleries will come together to offer samples of their distilled liquors while we snack on hors d’oeuvres by Chef 360, enjoy pours from Razz Bartending, listen and dance to music, and bid on silent auction items…all while raising money for neglected, abused, and homeless animals in the Upstate and beyond!



The Venue


The Southern Bleachery

      “Located in one of the regions oldest textile mills, The Southern Bleachery has high ceilings, exposed brick, and a rich local history. It is the perfect setting for events ranging from weddings, church gatherings, community and seasonal celebrations to corporate or educational trainings, conferences, and industry launches or expositions. We are conveniently located 10 minutes outside of downtown Greenville and can host up to 500 people. “



The Theme


Silent Auction

We will be having a silent auction this year and we are looking for donations. Examples of items donated last year include: Golf Clubs, T-shirts, Jewelry, Baseball tickets, etc.


Pet Memorial

      Pets are amazing.  Everything about them is just perfect.  They light up lives, even when they aren’t behaving at their very best.  (Lookin’ at you Lucas!) There is just one thing that I think we can all agree on that really stinks about pets – they leave us far too soon.  

​​      At Whiskeys for Whiskers, we’ll have a 70″ television running a montage of a variety of things including sponsorship appreciation and information about our contest, auction, and help to get home safely.  We will thank our rescues who work diligently in our community and show some of the downright unimaginable transformations that the animals in their care have gone through.  

      Our slideshow will also offer the opportunity to memorialize a pet who has passed.  For $25, (which can be purchased on our Ticket Page) email us a photo of your pet(s) in JPEG or GIF Format to whiskeysforwhiskers@gmail.com with the subject line “Memorial”.  Tell us a little about your furbaby, including name and the day he or she crossed the bridge. Your pet will become part of our montage for the evening, honored repeatedly, and the funds will go directly into the hands of the organizations we are supporting at Whiskeys for Whiskers.  

 Please let us take a moment now to say that we are so sorry for your loss, whether it was 10 days or 10 years ago, but that we are so grateful that you had the opportunity to love your pet like no one else ever could.